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Wednesday, August 14, 2013
Falco longbow kott Must Mood disaineritelt
Falco is proud to present our new longbow bag - a piece of art designed for us by the young Estonian high fashion designers at Must Mood The bag is made of thick felt that provides a great layer of protection to your beloved bow. On both sides, the felt is complemented by a leather stripe which runs the full length of the bag and at one fend features a belt-buckle closing to keep the bow securely... »
Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Falco - 25 years and counting ...
Today (22nd Jan), 25 years ago, Falco was officially registered as a business here in Estonia making us one of the very first private enterprises ever established in the soon to re-independent Estonia. In our 25 years, Falco has sold archery and crossbow equipment to more than 35 countries around the World with our active dealers located in more than 25. Our bows are now shot on all continents (e... »
Monday, January 14, 2013
Falcole Hollandist medal
Falco has only now learned that we have opened our longbow medal account in Holland where the proud owner of a Falco Trophy bow Henk Blik won the silver medal at Dutch national championships in September. Henk is a long-time Falco shooter and has achieved notable results at various competitions including the last EBHC in Presolana. Congratulations to Henk and his club of DutchBowhuntingClan! »
Monday, September 17, 2012
Falcole Horvaatiast pronks- ja hõbemedal
Falco is glad to announce that our long-time friend, longbow enthusiast and author of the great longbow technique book "Skydning med langbue" Jes Lysgaard (DEN) has won his (and Denmark's) first medal at EMAU European Championships in Trakoscan, Croatia. In a very tight competition Jes was able to overtake Javier Fernandez Buil to win the bronze medal. Jes shoots a Falco Force Vintage longbow and... »
Friday, September 07, 2012
Falcole Itaalia meistrivõistlustelt kolm kulda
Wonderful news coming from Italy where the FIARC 2012 national championships ended a week ago.Falco won THREE gold medals:1) Doriano Irlandini won adult male longbow with Falco Premium Vintage arrows2) Osvaldo Micheletti won veteran male longbow with Falco Force Vintage bow and Falco Premium Vintage arrows 3) Giulia Barbaro won adult female longbow with Falco Premium Vintage arrowsAdditionally:4)... »
Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Falcole kolm kulda Prantsuse meistrivõistlustelt
Suurepärased uudised Prantsusmaalt, kus riigi 3D meistrivõistlustel võitsid suisa kolm Falco laskurit sel aastal kuldmedalid: 1) Melanie Gallardo võitis naisjuunioride klassis, lastes nii Falco Force vibu kui Premium nooltega2) Corrine Ferrato võitis naisveteranide klassis, lastes Falco Force vibuga3) Serge Corvino võitis seenioride meeste hulgas, lastes oma... »

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