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Trophy Vintage
Draw weight - 25-75#
Bow length - 64", 66", 68", 70"
Full Information

Falco Trophy has been the flagship of our collection for many years. A bow of exceptional shooting qualities and stability, it has accompanied many top shooters in competitive archery and hunting on their quests. That in Europe and also further. Trophy is a bow that is almost always custom made for the specific shooter only and is highly customizable according to the special requests of the buyer. The choice of materials for the bow is also vast as we have the possibility to combine different rare and exclusive sorts of valuable wood. Combined together they make a truly unique and eye-catching piece of art. We believe that the bow must in addition to its premium shooting qualities also be a work of art - special and close to the shooters heart.


The use of exotic wood often also provides weight and hence also stability to the bow riser which is especially true for heavy wood such as ebony, palisander or other wood types that sink in the water. In partnership with the Finnish company CWP we also offer 2- or 3-color combinations of what they call colorwood - deep colored wood made in a special patented technology. Possible tones of color are 12 and all combinations of them are possible to be used in the riser.



The bow handle is custom hand made and is fitted into the palm perfectly offering comfort and stability for shooting. The choice of handle types include the standard low wrist grip with the included "Falco finger-cut" but also a higher wrist grip pistol handle unique for Falco longbows.


For those who aim maximum bow efficiency and greater arrow speed, we also offer the possibility to add extra Carbon layers in the limbs.





Profile: Reflex-deflex

Riser wood choice: Palisander, curly birch, padouk, zebrano, american walnut, bocote, cocobolo, wenge, lacewood etc.

Also Colorwood 2- or 3-colored combinations

Front and back side of the bow: Under the transparent lamination we can use decorative lamination of any of the following  wood type: palisander, macassar ebony, bubinga, zebrano, curly birch, bird's eye maple, olive ash etc.

Handedness: RH or LH

Finish laquer: Satin matt, high gloss at special order (see below)

Bowstring: Spectra Flemish (Fast Flight) - included in the price

Arrow shelf: Natural fur


Price: From 370 €


Price additions, compared to standard model:

Bamboo core (what is this?) - 40€ (replaces the maple core)

Carbon reinforcement - 30 €/layer

Diamond Carbon on front (what is this?) - 60 €

High wrist "pistol" grip -  30 €

High gloss polished surface - 40 €

Rockheart (extra heavy black handle composite) - 10-50€ (depending on amount) NEW!


Together with the Trophy bow, the Falco T-shirt at a discount price of 14€. SEE MORE HERE

Special offer: buy this longbow and get the Falco felt longbow bag for a special price of 25€ (see here)



FAQ about this model


What is the recommended brace height for this model?

We suggest brace height 7" - 7.5" but feel free to test around as long as your arrows fly nicely


Is string included? What sort of a string?

Yes, the model comes with a Spectra Flemish string. The number of string strands depends on the weight of the bow (14, 16 or 18)


Is this model IFAA/NFAA legal?



Is this model WA legal?



Can this model be cut past centre?

This model can only be cut past centre if the bow is light in draw weight. The Trophy has a slim handle that is designed to comply with IFAA rules where cutting past centre is prohibited so it is done only upon special request and on bows below 40#. Price addition may apply. As default, the model comes with a rest cut almost to centre.


What arrows would you recommend for this bow?`

Although all main types of arrows (wooden, aluminum, carbon) could be used with this bow, the authentic choice would be to use wooden arrows. For optimum performance and highest quality, we suggest our hand-picked Premium model arrows which are the choice for many European and World Champions and medalists. The choice of wooden arrows depends on your bowand your own personal characteristics (write email@falco.ee in case of questions).



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