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/Fred Bear
Draw weight - 15-30# @28"
Bow length - 54"
Full Information

Robin is the most widespread and sold childrens model in the Falco collection. The recommended user age range is before school to 10-13. The standard model is made of birch riser and stained to the wished color. A bit more expensive Robin Vintage model is of valuable wood or colorwood which means deep-colored patented technology to combine different colors in one riser. (see picture) In addition, the Vintage model packs transparent lamination instead of the usual black one.

The arrow shelf is covered with a natural leather plate and the bow comes with a Dacron bowstring.


Robin choice of colordifferent tones of stain such as teak, palisander, copper, walnut, wine-red, forest green, olive, orange, black, blue etc.

Robin Vintage - riser of exotic wood: walnut, zebrano, padouk, palisander, curly birch etc

                  colorwood-riser: different combinations such as blue/orange, yellow/blue, black/red, yellow/green etc.

Handedness: RH or LH (for the same price)

Bowstring: Dacron



Robin 84 € (colored handle)

Robin Vintage 92 € (exotic or colorwood handle)


Together with the Robin bow, the Falco T-shirt at a discount price of 14€. SEE MORE HERE



FAQ about this model


What is the recommended brace height for this model?

We suggest brace height 5.5" - 6" but feel free to test around as long as your arrows fly nicely


Is string included? What sort of a string?

Yes, the model comes with a Dacron string.


Is this model IFAA/NFAA legal?

No but in children's competition formats rules are usually not enforced as strictly.


What arrows would you recommend for this bow?`

Although all main types of arrows (wooden, aluminum, carbon) could be used with this bow, the authentic choice would be to use wooden arrows. We suggest using Falco Kids arrows.



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