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Tuesday, October 12, 2010
2 medals to Falco from EMAU 3D EC in Sardinia.
At the 2010 EMAU 3D European Championships that were taking place in Sardinia, Italy from 5th - 9th October Falco won two individual medals. Belgian Serge Verrier won the bronze medal in men's longbow shooting. Serge uses a custom made Falco Force Carbon Snakeskin backing bow and our Falco Premium Vintage arrows. Serge dictated most of the competetion and won the preliminary rounds overwhelmingly... Read more »
Thursday, September 09, 2010
Falco at IUA crossbowshooting WC
From 1st - 4th of September The World Championships of IUA crossbow shooting were taking place in Avon, France. A total of 88 shooters participated, 32 of which using prods produced by Falco. Our representation at top competitions has been around or over a third of the total number of shooter for the past 15 years, 36% this time. The competitions also brought several medals to Falco: - in cadets,... Read more »
Friday, August 06, 2010
Several medals to Falco in WFAC
Great news for Falco from IFAA Field Archery World Championships, held in Dahn, Germany last week. The Finn Jarkko Lehtinen (57) won the World Championships in adult male longbow in IFAA WFAC today with a convincing lead and a great result of 1727, beating 2004 world champion Steve Morley and 2008 champion Ülar Teppo amongst other 41 shooters. Jarkko shoots a Falco Trophy Carbon bow, more in... Read more »
Sunday, July 11, 2010
Falco at 12. internationale Bogen- und Messermacher Messe in Eisenbach, Germany
Last weekend Falco was represented at the 12. internationale Bogen- und Messermacher Messe in Eisenbach, Germany. Visiting this mainly traditional fair has become a habit for us as our dealer in Germany Bowra has been doing a great job at representing Falco in the German market. Bowra now also sells our newestmodel The Storm which promises to be a hit in Germany as it has been in several other cou... Read more »
Tuesday, August 03, 2010
Falco Legend reviewed in Archers Review
This week, our most popular low-end model The Falco Legend was reviewed in the independent British traditional archery review site Archers Review. See the review HERE The bow tested was a 50# (@28") Falco Legend in its standard equipment using a simple Dacron string and to our joy, it performed exactly as intended at the creation of this model. Read more »
Monday, December 15, 2008
Falco new hunting/horsebow Storm out!
Falco is proud to present its newest model - a short hunting/horsebow Storm. The Storm comes in 54" and 51" which can be shot at either maximum 29" and 26" draw length making this the perfect hunting bow for the bush and a great horsebow. While being short, the draw length can easily be made 50-60 # adding even more value to the model. The first commercialized Storm was sent to our long time cust... Read more »

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